Grove on Susuni Mountain, for rituals before a Saro (male and female circumcision ritual), Wanchari clan, near Tarime, Tanzania, 2018. 

scan of original 8×10 inch negative

Cut, the young try to make sense out of bewilderment, bewilderment supplants chaos (and they are not the same), and so, always, chaos is the negator of sense, of community. If we want to hold others to community, then threaten them with chaos.

They are led into this ancient and heavy grove on a sacred mountain, scared, brave, bedazzled (the promise of belonging, forever), shimmering. Lights are extinguished, and replaced by the dullness of certainty.

I am listening to Beethoven’s Opus 70 No.1, second movement, again, and again (the Perlman, Harrell, Ashkenazy recording on Warner Classics).