Progress from Silence

Progress from Silence

Desk, while working on ‘From Where Loss Comes’, January, 2019. The image, of young Prisca and Dorcas, is a platinum-palladium print on Reich CT (vellum paper) pasted into a binding. All the photographs were made with 8×10 film.

It has been a period of very low activity on this blog, but only as a counterbalance to an intense period of work over the last year. Above, a snapshot of my desk from a few moments ago: having finished compiling a book dummy of ‘From Where Loss Comes‘, I am now pulling together notes and texts for the 58 photographs that will go into this collection.

Friends ask, when will you exhibit the work? I just don’t imagine this as an exhibition. It is more important, for me and for the matters that the images points to, that they be held as a book: lived with to shape conversations and reflected on to bring us from looking out to looking within. A book. Unlike Quasimodo’s keeper (and Hugo’s alter-ego?), who opined, with regret, that books were going to destroy community, I believe they can transform and build bridges, even cathedrals of kindness and empathy.

I’ve set myself a tall order, and am being unrealistic. But I owe it to the women who have let me work with them these past two years.

So here goes…

I’ll be posting scans of the platinum-palladium prints made for the dummy, along with some notes, over the coming weeks.

And, I will never stop thanking the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation for the fellowship that made all of this possible.