Swirling in from Vapor

Swirling in from Vapor

2. Swirling in from Vapor, Mbalawala, near Dodoma, Tanzania, 2017
Scan of a Platinum-palladium print on Reich CT48 Translucent paper, from an 8×10 inch negative
Printed 2018

Rahel Hezeroni Msagala, a former ngariba who is now an anti-FGM/C activist and bringing communities in her area to abandon or supplant the practice.

This is the second image of ‘From Where Loss Comes‘, a photographic series about female genital cutting and sacrifice. The series is published here with permission from all the people portrayed in it.

Another post about the making of this photograph

Connections between this and that, lines between dots, lines upon lines upon lines, all meshing to form clusters on clusters on clusters.

Each one of us like others, and so many others in each of us. As we look into the timeless distance, lines become finer, and looking closer, they swell and soften to a lesser sharpness. Back in the here and now, finally, simply nothing. Just that small, blazing white dot of chaos.

Rituals are vapors made solid. This is both tragic and wondrous: rituals, in their repetition, imprison what we simultaneously recognize as ever-shifting, unique and infinite. Prisons leave scars.