My Desk/World

My Desk/World

Glass coating rod, platinum-palladium sensitizer, syringe, after coating a sheet of paper.

Sunday, printing, thinking, writing… three different work surfaces in the studio, within a few minutes. Time recedes as a pathway, and finding links across many realms becomes the most prominent process.

Enough… back to the print.

Woodcuts by Yoshitoshi from ‘One Hundred Aspects of the Moon’, texts of Japanese Nō plays, Penguin (“Ever deeper food / the little fields / of green seedling rice, / yet my heart’s waters / spill no word abroad.” Phantom, from the Dmask Drum), and a 8×10 negative from the series, From Where Loss Comes.

Some printouts of design notes for new darkrooms at my college, Ariella Azoulay’s astonishing and powerful ‘Civil Imagination’ (“…imagination remains private for as long as we hold it in reserve in our mind’s eye and do not share it with others. In every act of communication with others, this privacy of the imagination is ruptured and its products intermingle with other products to take on a form that exceeds our own private reach.” Yes! Photographers have a social imperative.), Mark Doty’s lovely ‘Still Life With Oysters and Lemon, Norman Bryson’s mesmerizing ‘Looking at the Overlooked’, a tangerine, some notes.