Catching Nothing, Capturing the Heavens

Catching Nothing, Capturing the Heavens

Catching Nothing, Capturing the Heavens
On Susuni Mountain, Wanchari clan, near Tarime, Tanzania, 2018.

Spider web and cupules on a large boulder at sunset, on a monadnock considered sacred by the Wanchari clan.

Scan of a Platinum-palladium print on Reich CT48 Translucent paper,
from an 8×10 inch negative
Printed 2018

This is the eighth image of ‘From Where Loss Comes‘, a photographic series about female genital cutting and sacrifice. The series is published here with permission from all the people portrayed in it.

another post about the making of this photograph

The practices of cutting, of sacrifice, of maintaining control through fear, are connected to each other. As are our tendencies to share shelter, to seek comfort, to create. They are all interconnected. But to understand how sacrificial practices connect to creating things, or cutting flesh connects to comfort, or fear to shelter; these links are made of mist, are elusive but fully present. A big blur, like a boulder that one is standing very close to.

This boulder, letting us see just past its edge, into another blurred space. This massive rock, harboring a barely visible spider and its web as the only point of tenuous clarity. This aged boulder, surfaced with cupules, another kind of ancient, which are hewn by countless thousands of touches, hollowed catchers of light.