Goatskin Pad

Goatskin pad for seating girls who are about to undergo genital cutting, Dodoma, Tanzania, 2017. Platinum-palladium print on Arches platine, from 8×10 negative, 10×8 inches Full scan and detail:

Cutting Trees

Cutting trees, where female genital cutting ceremonies were performed, Mundemu, Tanzania, 2017 Digital scan of Platinum-palladium print on Arches Platine from 8×10 negative This photograph is part of ongoing work, From Where Loss Comes. The ...

RAY 2018

I am thrilled to have just been invited to be part of RAY 2018 Triennal in Germany with my series “The Third Heaven” and other works related to the festival’s theme, ‘Extreme’. The work will be shown at the Fotografie Forum ...