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Lexi in Peru

My student, Lexi Namer, leaves for Peru tomorrow on a self-initiated Summer project. As she writes in her blog: “Last summer, I spent 6 weeks in Peru, 4 of which were spent in Ayacucho with an organization called Cross Cultural Solutions. During ...

blinded by a smile

Errol Morris’ (The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons From the Life of Robert S. McNamara) blog entry about his latest film, Standard Operating Procedure, focuses on one particular and central concern: Sabrina Harman’s smile, and the way we read the ...

haiti: blind architect

amy johnson: coal. haiti. 2008 The book is out! A collection of photographs by the Fall 2007 Documentary Photography class makes up this second volume of work resulting from visits to Haiti with my students. The entire collection of images can be viewed online.

ramesh srinivasan and village voice

“Ramesh Srinivasan has worked for a long time in a community of Somali refugees in Boston. When listening to their stories, Srinivasan wanted to use the Internet as a form to engender the creation of new types of oral tradition. The interface works ...

Haiti Innovation blog

I have visited Haiti several times over the last two years, and hope to continue doing so on a regular basis. For students taking the Documentary Photo class, and many others who ask me about Haiti, this site may be of interest. ‘Haiti ...

Munyurangabo – a film to look for

A debut by American filmmaker Lee Isaac Chung, ‘Munyurangabo’ is circulating through various international film festivals. A review of its screening at the Toronto International Film Festival has left me itching to see the film. So if any one ...

Haiti book now available

Art and Biology students have published a book from the ongoing Sewanee in Haiti project. Order it here! All profits from book sales go to the ORE Mango House Project. haiti: before … By Bio 232 and Art 3… Book Preview

Ocular Proof and Reality

Errol Morris in the NYTs Opinions section writes about the ‘uncovering‘ of the infamous hooded man in a photograph from Abu Ghraib.    The article is a troubling and fascinating account of photography’s relationship with reality, ...

Shahidul Alam

Shahidul Alam is a photographer, activist and writer whose work exemplifies what has often  been described as the ‘concerned photographer‘. His blog is loaded with writing and images.