Minas Church, Paros, Greece. 2010 From the heart of mid-winter, wishing everyone peace love, kindness, and that we always remember it is us: we strive for light and grow from dark. That is us. Happy Holidays all!

Between 1

Luca, Gull and Kite. Florida. November, 2014. Addendum: a friend asked to see the contact sheet. Here it is. Keep in mind that I used a digital camera (Leica M240 with Summilux 35mm lens), the original files were processed in Lightroom, converted from ...

Mike Ware in Virginia

    Mike Ware, Near Syria, Virginia, USA. October, 2014. Digital photograph I presented, a couple of weeks ago, at  a symposium on platinum-palladium photography, at the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian. It was an impressive gathering of ...