Thinking of the Fayum Portraits

Luca, Cutlery. July, 2011 I am obsessed by the Egyptian Fayum portraits. It seems a morbid thing, to acknowledge a relationship between these funerary portraits and my work, which has always (duh) been of the living and loved. But I don’t see the ...

mixes, the wire, china

The Wire magazine has been having a happy back and forth with Steve Barker. This is one mix, with jumps to others, by Wire’s Lisa Blanning. Bliss. (A nice slide into post-Olympic Chinoisserie – Thanks Mr. Barker!)

new orleans – its standing up

Back from a weekend in NOLA and, although I feel heartened by how far the city has come since Katrina, it still irks me that more has not been done by the federal agencies. But then, perhaps we should all be thankful that our president and FEMA did not ...

before knowing

I am starting to review work made in India during 1995 and 1997, before I knew what I would miss. This one is for all singers of ghazal. Thank you!

Music and food

Music and food heard at a restaurant called Rupununi, Bar Harbor ME: a CD called A Danca Da Moda with D J Dolore & Orchestra Santa Massa. And be sure to eat mussels with their special coconut curry Brazilian sauce. Try the Crab quesadillia with fries ...