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Glass coating rod, platinum-palladium sensitizer, syringe, after coating a sheet of paper. Sunday, printing, thinking, writing… three different work surfaces in the studio, within a few minutes. Time recedes as a pathway, and finding links across ...

Site maintenance

Sorry for the garble – should be back to normal with some changes by Monday. After Many Hours… a new look, and a more secure web site. The site continues to use the open source WordPress platform, and the ‘theme’ is a heavily ...


Dropped my iPhone Monday, from about 4ft, while cycling at 15 mph, onto pavement. Phone works, camera is blissing out with results such as this:

pastis' pearls

This particular Stephan Pastis’ cartoon strip, ‘Pearls Before Swine‘ deepens my recent acupuncture treatment. Chuckle. Do you have a blog? Let me know.