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TSA and film

New Yorker cartoon posted on the TSA blog Many of my friends and students are traveling by air over the next few weeks. The TSA web site offers these guidelines for traveling with film and batteries. Note that TSA staff will honor requests for ...

gabe hargrove's sx70 disassembly

Friend and Sewanee art alum Gabe Hargrove has this fascinating set of photographs and an exploded drawing of the legendary sx70 camera. Nice job Gabe! (It is going to come in handy as I try and fix one of my sx70 cameras – thanks!)


  Jack W brought by this camera – what an exquisite Rolleiflex rip-off. I’ve never seen one like this before, and if anyone knows more about it, please comment! (The fairy, courtesy of our art-hug-fairy, Lauren B.)


You bought an iPhone, and now you want to complete the suite… go for a pinhole made out of the iPhone’s packaging. Scot Hampton gives us the iHole. I particularly like his implementation of a roll film back, complete with another item oft ...


    My fellow photon Rachel gave me Lomography’s Diana+ for Christmas! Some of you may recall this little cult gem, others may know one of its more famous emulators, the Holga camera. (I currently base my introductory-level photography ...