A list of signposts. Please feel free to add to this list in the comments section below, with a short sentence or two as to why it inspires; I’ll fold suggestions into the body of the page if they overlap with my inflatus, that in-breath that seems to come from something far greater than we will actually have a knowledge of, but somehow seem to know it is there. The list is by order of entry, with most recent a the bottom, so we can keep following the trace.

  • Walter Pater, 1877. The School of Giorgione “All art constantly aspires towards the condition of music. For while in all other kinds of art it is possible to distinguish the matter from the form, and the understanding can always make this distinction, yet it is the constant effort of art to obliterate it. That the mere matter of a poem, for instance, its subject, namely, its given incidents or situation — that the mere matter of a picture, the actual circumstances of an event, the actual topography of a landscape — should be nothing without the form, the spirit, of the handling, that this form, this mode of handling, should become an end in itself, should penetrate every part of the matter: this is what all art constantly strives after, and achieves in different degrees.” [Thank you Roger Vail, for bringing me to this.]
  • Frank, Robert. The Americans.
  • Kurosawa, Akira. Dreams and Kagemusha
  • Chopin, Nocturnes. Nelson Freire
  • Greenough, Sarah. Looking In: Robert Frank’s The Americans
  • Mozart, Così Fan Tutte. Glyndebourne, 2006 and Baden-Baden Festival 2012, Yannick Nezet-Seguin

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