Printers should maintain a good record of their process, clearly noting variations in all of the key parameters. For printing-out platinum/palladium printing, the main variables are indicated in bold on the form below. These are the most essential data in any notes maintained during the printing process. Many of the prints shown on this web site include a unique print number (click on the ‘view full scan’ link at the bottom of each post).

Each number has a corresponding data sheet that allows me to more easily fine tune new prints from the same negative. When selling a print, giving a copy of this data sheet to the collector provides a valuable provenance and assurance of archival processing.

Please feel free to download this example, which, as a PDF, will allow you to create multiple copies and save them for every print you make. The file may also be templated onto a spreadsheet program or database such as Excel, Numbers, Charts or Filemaker.