8×10 negative

Scans from Prints 69

Datura and Passion Flower, Berkeley, 1987. Platinum-palladium print on 100% cellulose paper (Van Gelder Simili Japon) from original 8×10 inch negative. My dear friend, and mentor-whose-mentorship-I-resisted, Ron Partridge, had a habit of gleaning ...

Never Any Clouds 5

  Kanchan. India, 1995. Palladium-platinum print from 8×10 inch negative My mother, and her shadow, and the frames… what is resolved and what is tolerated. This image sums up an extraordinary woman and an extraordinary life. And I am still ...

In The Garden – Olive. VI.

Olive. VI. Paros, Greece. 2010 Scan from 8×10 negative Where is the opening, the closing, the beginning, the end Why the edge, the wedge or age? What of the form between form, the shape of shape of youmeyoumeyou, just blending?