My Desk/World

Glass coating rod, platinum-palladium sensitizer, syringe, after coating a sheet of paper. Sunday, printing, thinking, writing… three different work surfaces in the studio, within a few minutes. Time recedes as a pathway, and finding links across ...

The Third Heaven

Cover: the Third Heaven The book dummy is complete, and now, onward to look for a publisher. Images are on a slide show, but please contact me if anyone out there is interested in publishing the book! Introduction page See more information….

where are you now, solzhenitsyn?

relief i (where are you now, solzhenitsyn?) Near Irkutsk, Siberia. 1995. Platinum-palladium print, 8 x 10 in. This image and one other was made thinking about Solzhenitsyn while traveling in Siberia during 1995. Wandering through the plush but compact ...

Kazumi Takahashi

  Nazraeli Press has just published a debut book by Kazumi Takahashi (don’t think this is the same person as the filmmaker), “High Tide Wane Moon“. Richly printed, exquisitely sequenced, and a quiet ode to the moon and the sea, this is ...