Scans from Prints 29

Koré ii, Archeological Museum of Delos, Greece, 2010. Platinum-palladium print on (Reich CT) vellum from enlarged digital negative from 6x6cm original. Image size is 11×11 inches. I wrote quite some time back about my trip to Greece, and impact it ...

Days at Laurel Lake 5

Vase. 3:40 PM, Laurel Lake, NH. July, 2015. And I still cannot shake off what happened in the Eurozone and what has been done in Greece. [Against the backdrop of friends and wished-for-friends passing away in recent weeks.] Don’t the reapers ...

In The Garden – Olive. VI.

Olive. VI. Paros, Greece. 2010 Scan from 8×10 negative Where is the opening, the closing, the beginning, the end Why the edge, the wedge or age? What of the form between form, the shape of shape of youmeyoumeyou, just blending?