Prayer and Despair Folio update

Elephant, Kutch India, 1995. Platinum-palladium print from 8×10 negative Prayer and Despair [view folio] : I have just updated a body of work done while traveling across Russia, Siberia, Honduras, India and Japan during 1995. A handful of images have ...

mourning mumbai

Room 26 and Gate of India, Mumbai Yacht Club 1995, platinum-palladium print, 8×10  Just to the right of this view, off-frame, is the Taj Hotel, which was one of several terrorist targets on Wednesday. I wonder how the kind of testosterone-induced ...

child labor

metal worker’s daughter, Gujarat, India. 1995 (from series, ‘Prayer and Despair’ platinum-palladium print, 8×10 in Thinking about child labor and the plight of the majority of families, while I wait for our second child to be born. ...

before knowing

I am starting to review work made in India during 1995 and 1997, before I knew what I would miss. This one is for all singers of ghazal. Thank you!