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Pope Francis I

Bowl in St. Francis’ Chamber, Le Celle, Dortona, Italy. Marrch, 2010. The Catholic church has a new Pope. It seems germane to post this image, made in a stone-hewn chamber in which St. Francis of Assisi is said to have spent many hours in seclusion ...

In The Garden – Olive. VI.

Olive. VI. Paros, Greece. 2010 Scan from 8×10 negative Where is the opening, the closing, the beginning, the end Why the edge, the wedge or age? What of the form between form, the shape of shape of youmeyoumeyou, just blending?

In The Garden – Suns

Suns. (fresco and La Nativita by Raffaello Vanni.) Chiesa di San Francesco, Cortona, Italy. March 2010. 8×10 film, processed in pyro. The series, ‘In The Garden’, began while I was in Cortona, in 2010. I knew then that the work had ...

3 Portraits of 3 Men

  Rick Johnson, Cortona, Italy, 2010 James Goedert, New Orleans, 2010 Robin Gillanders, Sewanee, 1994 Here are three men, letting their space become mine, and yours. The photographs were made over a span of some 20 years with a large format camera. I ...