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By Pradip Malde

An interview with Eike Walkenhorst for RAY 2018

‘Extreme’, interview and Haiti portfolio, European Photography, December 2017, issue 102, Berlin

Annual Photographer’s Lecture, Studies in Photography 2017 Edition II, the journal of the Scottish Society for the History of Photography, 2017, Edinburgh

Looking at a Platinum Print, concluding chapter in ‘Platinum and Palladium Photographs: Technical History, Connoisseurship, and Preservation‘, 2017, Washington D.C.

Kirke Kook in conversation with Pradip Malde, interview, 2017, Edinburgh

Tasveer Gallery, Bangalore, India: Tasveer Online interview and featured article of portraits from folio, ‘Prayer and Despair’, 2014 –link broken, in process of recovering the article–

Portraits in Platinum, Interview with David Chow

Imogen Cunningham: The Poetry of Form, Introduction, 1993



About Pradip Malde

SSHoP: Studies in Photography

Interview with Kirke Kook, published on the SSHoP web site.

Sewanee Magazine, by Buck Butler

An article in the Sullivan Foundation’s Engage magazine

A Companion Guide to the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh,

Tom Normand, Scottish Photography: A History, Edinburgh, 2007

Susan Knowles, ‘Campsite for the Non-Citizen – photographs’, Nashville, 2004

Sara Stevenson and Duncan Forbes, A Companion Guide to Photography in the National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh, 2001

Elizabeth Motlow, Introduction to Prayer and Despair, Edinburgh, 1996

Chris Bucklow, Considering Memory, Balance, Love, introduction to Edinburgh Festival catalogue, 1990

Tessa Jackson, Alchemical Windows, 1984, introduction, exhibition catalogue