Luca, Brassai-eye.

Luca, Brassai-eye. August, 2008. Polaroid Type 779

moving aside, passing through

moving aside, passing through. November, 2008. Polaroid Type 779




Bjorn and Alejandra. November, 2007. Polaroid SX 70


Luca. Parsley. 2007


Arm. Sand Tunnel. Florida. November, 2014.


Boys, Sanded. Florida. November, 2014.



Luca, Remains. Florida. November, 2014


Luca, Gull and Kite. Florida. November, 2014.

Addendum: a friend asked to see the contact sheet. Here it is. Keep in mind that I used a digital camera (Leica M240 with Summilux 35mm lens), the original files were processed in Lightroom, converted from color to black & white and adjusted for contrast and tone, and compiled into the shooting sequence in Lightroom’s Print module to display as a traditional contact sheet.


Rachel in her Grandad's cabin, New Hampshire. June, 2005.

Rachel in her Grandparents’ cabin, New Hampshire. June, 2005.
Scan from 6×6 negatives

Much has been shown, written, and published about the relationships between photographers. I love, live with, am married to, a photographer. What cannot ever be adequately written about is what one person in a relationship grants to the other in that moment of being photographed. For all the years, all the countless moments of stillness that you have granted me, Rachel, thank you. Happy birthday my friend – you are the best!

Robin Gillanders, Sewanee, TN. June, 1994

Robin Gillanders, Sewanee, TN. June, 1994
scan from 8×10 negative