Magic: Floating Lightly, Oak Hall, Lynchburg, TN, 1989.
Platinum-palladium print (1:1, printing-out process) on Fabriano 5, from the original 8 x 10 inch negative
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A photograph is born of the moment, and as a window onto a time gone by, instantly becomes a historic object. But as something which stands for a moment that is always happening, it begins to defy time. It is never fully historic since each viewing brings with it the here and now; it is never fully static because the form of the photograph provides a variety of visual triggers that in turn evoke and condition memory, emotion, and insight. In some ways, it is like a sleight of experience and time. It is magical. It reduces and converts experience in terms of the frame, tone, pattern and allusion (to what we envision and see)… read more

News: The book by Pradip Malde with Mike Ware, “PLATINOTYPE: Making Photographs in Platinum and Palladium with the Contemporary Printing-out Process” is now available