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Cyanotype printing with the reformulated Ware method

Getty Museum’s Atlas of Analytical Signatures of Photographic Processes: Platinotype

iPhones and Darkrooms – how to ‘safelight’ your smart phone

iPhones and Sony Cameras – controlling Sony Alpha and A7 series with an iPhone

Making a platinum-palladium print – National Gallery of Art Video

Platinum/Palladium Printing Instructions: printing-out method (also known as the Ammonium System)

Platinum/Palladium Printing: Making a Hydration Chamber – instructional video

Platinum/Palladium printing resources – listed by type of item. Frequently updated list of supplies and equipment, suppliers and other resources

Removing Residual Iron in Platinum and Palladium Prints – a conservation video from the Library of Congress

Platinum/palladium- Papers: working vellum or translucent papers

Scanning and Copying Platinum/Palladium and other Prints for reproduction and archives