Instructional Videos

35mm SLR Camera Basics

The basic functions of a Single Lens Reflex camera and loading a camera with film.

Camera Exposure and Focus

Taking a photograph with a 35mm SLR camera

Unloading a camera

How to rewind and unload a fully exposed roll of film from a 35mm SLR camera.

Darkroom Cleanup

Please watch this video before proceeding with any darkroom (wet-lab) work.

Roll Film Tank

How to prepare and load roll film into a film development tank.

Roll Film Processing

Preparing processing solutions and film development tank processing.

Sheet Film Processing

Processing sheet film in trays.

Darkroom Printing Setup

Preparing the darkroom, chemicals, and print washer for silver gelatin printing.

Contact Printing

How to make a silver gelatin contact print

Enlargement Printing

How to make a silver gelatin enlargement print.

Building a Hydration Chamber

How to construct a chamber for hydrating platinum/palladium prints, or any other alternative photographic process that calls for a controlled amount of water molecules in the paper. Works for Cyanotype, Chrysotype, and other siderotype processes.


Removing residual iron stains from platinum/palladium prints that were not properly processed. A video from the Library of Congress, Washington D.C.

Demonstration of Making a platinum/palladium print

A video demonstration from the National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., showing the fundamental steps in making a development and printing-out platinum-palladium print.